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How Fun Traveling Alone

"I do not know why, if I plan my itinerary with too much care, it will be annoying, whereas if I walk lightly without thinking too much, I can even arrive without problems."

Old John Steinbeck was confused. But this is not the first. At first he was frenzied. Should he go on a trip that does not seem comfortable? It is half a century after a windu. Tenaga is no longer a bonus. His eldest son, years after his father's death, said Steinbenck was dying and the last trip he wanted to make was to visit the United States for the last time. The land he loved and hated.

But the base of the stone head.

After the storm nearly ripped his lakeside vacation home, Steinbenck decided. He packed all the equipment in the camper named Rocinante, the horse that accompanied Don Quixote. But he did not want to be torn alone. So he invited a fellow traveler. Not a person, but a French poodle named Charley.

Steinbeck's decision is absolutely correct. Charley is not fussy. No fuss like humans. No growls when starving. No protest even when bathing without shower and hot water. Also not mutable if lost and there are things on the road. Charley also resigned to join the route taken by his friend, the Steinbeck. Whether it ends at your destination or you rush into the potato gardens planted by the Canucks - slang to refer to Canadian farmers.

According to Steinbeck, Charley was often more capable than most humans.

"Charley is a unique dog, his life is not based on simple fangs and muscles, he respects the rights of cats, even if he does not like them at all, and his biggest fear is that someone has told him to hunt rabbits Charley is a dog full of calm and peace, "Steinbeck said.

Although this seems like a trip to the Steinbeck, solo travel is not a reasonable activity at this time. The journey of a person is closely linked to the image of the journey of ascetics and wanderers: he needs a lot of courage, a desperate capital, persistent loneliness, and the obligation to demonstrate a double stamina to cope with suffering.

Ghalibnia, people prefer to walk in groups. Promising and promising roads. There must be a friend chatting. The cost of the trip may be cheaper. In the middle of the road, Steinbeck met with Canadian potato growers working in the United States. Once again, they are grouped together.

"They traveled the country and camped in groups, families, family members, even as a tribe: men, women, boys, girls and grandchildren," wrote Steinbeck.

Overcrowded travel is indeed one of the oldest forms of the tourism industry. The term is mass tourism. Mass tourism. Its characteristics are as follows: tourists meet in a popular place. They are usually in a group. As Steinbeck says. Can groups of friends, family, RT / RW neighbors belong to a tribe? This culture also gave birth to a travel agency offering different packages.

But this mass tourism then gave birth to saturation.

Born of a rival form. Aulia Poon, in a newspaper titled "The Revolution of the New Tourism", has described this rivalry as a new tourist movement: New Tourism One of the features is the presence of the Internet in marketing. young tourists who hesitate to follow their predecessors.

Last year, Visa Global Travel Intentions surveyed 13,000 travelers from 25 countries. According to the survey, 24% traveled alone during their last vacation. This number is up 10% compared to 2013.

In fact, the figure of 24% is not an important figure. This is a sign that the only journey still presents fear and uncertainty. And if I get lost? What if I'm kidnapped later? What will happen if I am stuck, stolen and mutilated in youth hostel films? Traveling alone is never easy. Even Ibn Battuta, John Steinbeck, even Jack Kerouac even though they still needed traveling companions.