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Old Legacy debut of Kawasaki at W175 Retro Sport Motorbike

His voice was not as shocking as that of classic sports bikes with big engines. However, the look of retro sport
Kawasaki W175 is enough to attract attention with a thick classic feel.
The 177cc engine engine marks the debut of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) for the end of 2017. With confidence, Kawasaki claims that the latest entry as an entry-level retro sport - today's products who adopt the old school style.

"Our product is a new product segment in its category, and we have been pioneers in many motorcycle segments," said Michael C.

Tanadhi, PT KMI's Deputy Sales and Promotions Manager, Marketing Division, at the launch of the W175 Kawasaki.

W175 has started to decorate the virtual world since its launch in mid-November 2017 at the 2017 Kawasaki Bike Week at the Pantai Carnival Ancol. The price is in the range of 29-30 million rupees, it is still in the market pocket in the lower segment. It is cheaper than the "brothers" like Kawasaki Estrella 250 cc which is priced at Rp. 72 million.

"Instead of buying sc * rpio or t * ger, continue to be classically modified to buy this bike," said a user at the forum car.

Michael C. Tanadhi said that retro sport. The Kawasaki W175 is indeed prepared for the new segment of the motor sport market in Indonesia. The market response is quite positive, with Kawasaki claiming that more than 1,500 Kawasaki W175 units have been ordered since launch.

"Retro sport is a consumer who wants out-of-the-box male motorcycles," said Michael to Tirto.

However, fans of retro motorcycles attracted by the W175 must be patient. Tirto searches at authorized Kawasaki dealers in Bogor and South Tangerang, consumers on average must rotate at least 3 to 4 weeks. There are even dealers who have not been able to facilitate purchases on credit, purchases are still based on orders and cash. These motorcycle enthusiasts are usually curious to know the shape and the engine of this old-fashioned bike.

A Kawasaki mechanic in the Ciputat area said that the W175 engine had been removed from the main base of the Kawasaki Eliminator, which was born in 1985 and appeared in the early 2000s in Indonesia, as a rival of the Honda Phantom in the style of "Harley Davidson". What distinguishes the carburetor from the Kawasaki W175 is still classic compared to the Eliminator 175 that has been aspirated.

Kawasaki's decision to integrate a nebulizer system with a carburetor would certainly be a big question mark. The sports motorcycle segment in the market, which is between Rp 25 and 30 million, already uses an injection technology that is already widespread in the market. However, Kawasaki is accurate enough for reasons, the carburetor allows users to make changes freely.

"Do not consider the carburetor as a defect, but we see it easily modified for this bike," Michael said.

The Honda Market King did not have a look

The decision to enter the lowest segment of retro sport is inseparable from Kawasaki's business strategy. Motorcycle builders wearing the "K" are trying to tinker with the sports segment market, which has recently begun to fill with competitors and the market is starting to grow gradually thanks to the classic duck engines that are eroding more and more. .

Since 2011, the motor sport market has started to develop slowly. This is because a number of sports-type variants proposed by motorcycle manufacturers are introduced on the market. At that time, the motor sport market share was only 5%. Until 2015, the sports market had reached 13%.