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It is very easy to find tips for combating toothache with traditional medicine via the internet. Such tips are also easy to disseminate via social media. Some of them are quite successful in relieving a toothache crisis, but are not yet well known on the medical side of the tips.

For example, one article mentions that toothache "can heal enough with a few leaves of guava". Some other natural ingredients are also called, such as salt solutions and clove oil.

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Republic of Indonesia, Minister of Health, Regulation No. 89 of 2015
In Regulation No. 89 of 2015 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia on Dental and Oral Health Efforts Concerning Traditional Medicine, information is given on the first method of treatment of disorders of the oral cavity . On page 28, the file is written as follows: "Since the scope of dental health services is not distributed evenly throughout the village, traditional medicines for overcoming oral health problems can to be used in case of dental or dental emergency.

In other words, traditional medicines (natural ingredients) are not prohibited. However, in considering the rules above, their use applies in case of emergency; or because of limited access to health before they can be treated in a dental clinic or doctor. Another remark, the use of traditional medicine is the context for pregnant mothers. This also confirms the conditions applied under certain conditions.

In the rules document, ingredients such as clove flowers, cooking salt and garlic as medicine relieve toothache. The manual of these materials is clearly indicated. For example, cooking salt is used as follows: "Half a teaspoon of salt is dissolved in a glass of warm water and used to rinse the mouthwash".

Need to know the cause

Drg. Eni Islamiyati does not deny that traditional medicine is often used and actually helps relieve toothache. But he suggested that victims know the cause well.

"The mentioned ingredients can help relieve pain, but for normal dental health, we must first determine the source of the disease," he told Tirto (24 hours a day).

For him, all cases of toothache are not easy to remove, even with the help of chemical drugs. Medically, the diagnosis of the cause of toothache is the first thing to do. Throughout his doctor's experience, all cases of dental pain require special dental intervention. Sources that show the pain of teeth also vary.

"Toothache can occur because the teeth are hollow, is there any pus, is there a broken tooth, there are various possible causes of toothache.

Once the cause is known, medical treatment is easier to do.

"From this source of knowledge [about causes], [we can know], dental pain can be treated in any way," he said.

Eni also stated that the pain is sometimes related to psychological situations and is not necessarily caused by a simple illness. From this came the belief that some recipes would help relieve toothache.

"Sometimes I believe with a recommendation from a friend, if he already believes it, yes, sometimes the pain may go away." In fact [the pain is not gone but] what happens becomes less visible, he no longer focuses on pain "he explained.