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Sales of fast-moving electric cars

The price is expensive, evolves slowly and can not be taken for long trips. Different images are attached to electric cars when they appear. Now, electric car manufacturers are trying to change things. In some developed countries, sales of electric cars continue to increase year by year.

Electric cars have already passed the phase of interest, then abandoned and then started to be searched again. In 1837, a chemist by the name of Robert Davidson built a seven-tonne electric car. Davidson's work was exhibited at the Royal Scottish Society of Arts Exhibition in 1941.

The electric car is capable of carrying six tons of cargo at a speed of 6.4 km / h. The car can travel 2.4 km. It was tested on the railways of Edinburgh and Glasgow, but its power and battery made it unusable in general. Davidson's electric cars are not the first.

Before Davidson, several names contributed to the discovery of electric vehicles. Anyos Jedlik discovered the type of initial electric motor in 1828. In 1834, Sibrandus Stratingh created a small electric car with primary cells that could not be filled. In the United States, interest in electric vehicles began in 1890, when William Morrison created an electric car for six passengers. The car can travel 22.5 km / hour.

Over the next few years, electric vehicles from various manufacturers have sprung up all over New York City.

In 1899, Baker Motor Vehicle Company - an American manufacturer of electric cars - began selling its electric car at a price of US $ 850. One of them was bought by Thomas Alfa Edison.

In 1900, electric cars were at their peak. About one-third of all vehicles on American roads are electric cars. Over the next ten years, he showed consistently increasing sales. Passengers of electric cars do not need to be disturbed by vibrations, odors, noise and do not hesitate to supply water and kerosene to short-haul steam cars. In 1912 was the maximum production of electric cars.

After that, the prestige of electric cars declined with the growing interest in gasoline cars manufactured by Henry Ford. Ford has introduced petrol cars since 1908. In 1912, the price of Ford's Model T gas car was only $ 650, while the Roadster electric car was sold at $ 1,750 at that time. Also in 1912, Charles Kettering creates an electric starter. Thus, gasoline cars no longer need to be taken. Sales of gasoline cars are increasing.

The construction of highways in America has also resulted in the decline of the prestige of electric cars. According to the US Department of Energy, in 1920, the country had a better road network and connected cities. It makes Americans want to explore. Then the Texas crude is found. Oil is cheap and available for the campaign. In 1935, electric vehicles disappeared, changing cars to gasoline.

35 years later, as the United States faced a surge in oil prices and a Saudi embargo, the idea of ​​redeveloping electric and hybrid vehicles reappeared. Since then, automakers have started to develop electric cars.

However, it was only in the 2000s that car manufacturers paid particular attention to electric vehicles.

This was caused by soaring oil prices in the 2000s and by many people around the world who were aware of the low impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

Until November 2011, models of electric cars available and sold on the market in several countries were Tesla Roadster, REVAi, Renault Fluence ZE, Buddy, Mitsubishi i MiEV, Tazzari Zero, Nissan Leaf, ED Smart, Wheego Whip LiFe, Mia Electric and BYD. e6.

That year, the price of electric cars was still much higher than that of fossil and hybrid cars because of the high price of lithium ion batteries. Nevertheless, at that time, the price of the battery began to fall because it began to be produced in large quantities. Charging stations for electric cars in several countries are also increasingly being replicated.