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AMD Radeon VII performance is quite impressive

AMD finally officially released their latest graphics card, Radeon VII to the market. This is AMD's fastest card, replacing the previous generation GPU, namely Vega 64.

The Tek.id team is lucky to be able to taste the latest graphics card. In a media meeting conducted by AMD, they wanted to show off the capabilities of Radeon VII, which was combined with their latest processor, Ryzen 7 2700X.

In testing this card, I used the 3DMark synthetic benchmark application.

In testing Time Spy and Time Spy Extreme, the results obtained from this combination are 8808 and 3855 points, respectively.

Not to forget, I also tested this card using Fire Strike, Fire Strike Extreme, and Fire Strike Ultra. The results obtained are quite impressive, namely 19624, 1207 and 6649 points, respectively.

I also take the time to play games using this GPU. And it turns out, the experience of playing games at 4K resolution with high settings using Radeon VII made me amazed.

Some of the games I tried, such as Battlefield V, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and Assassin's Creed Origin also looked stunning at FPS with an average of 50 FPS to 70 FPS.

Unfortunately, because the screen that I use does not use freesync technology, there are many torn screens during testing.

AMD's Indonesian Channel Manager, Zulvianes Budiman, said, with the results they got, AMD was convinced that this graphics card could rival the capabilities of one of the superior NVIDIA, RTX 2080 graphics cards.

AMD will sell Radeon VII at a price of USD699. Gamers in Indonesia can buy it in mid-February 2019.

For your information, Radeon VII has 60 computing units, 3,840 stream processors and clocked up to 1,750 MHz. Not to forget, they also embed 16GB of VRAM with HBM2 technology with a memory bandwidth of up to 1TB / s with BUS 4096-bit memory.