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The Dirty Conte, Guardiola the Great

When they were announced as leaders of Manchester City, most football fans - not just City fans - were waiting for English football to be treated as a treat or recipe in the manner of Josep Guardiola.

Fantastic champion, Guardiola, who would it miss?

Unfortunately, only half of the season is started, Guardiola is struggling to cope with air balloons in England. Tactical serrations are less lubricating. The ball was controlled, the path of the attacks was moved from one flank to the other, but why suddenly an opponent so formidable?

The conditions are different in the city of London. With expectations that are not excessive, Roman Abramovich welcomed the arrival of Antonio Conte - compared to Guardiola in City - simply. Hope is as big, but not as florid or as high as Guardiola in City.

Just champion, Conte. It does not have to be great.

Naturally. Before arriving on British soil, there was nothing special about a count's career. The Italian Serie A king with Juventus did not make his name so scary. Even compared to Jurgen Klopp, Conte's name is still pretty "green" and normal. He is an excellent coach in Italy, but in Europe his reputation is always average.

Compare that with Guardiola as a genius of Barcelona. Win all titles with attractive and attractive styles. Raised and educated directly by Johan Cryuff, Guardiola thought, there was no victory without possession.

While Conte was born from the opposite uterus. Educated by typical Italian football, playing at Conte is like armor for fantasy Zinedine Zidane at Juventus. Defense is the key to everything. There will be no win if your goal concedes more than your opponent. Although both have a defensive character as midfielders, Guardiola's style is quieter, more elegant and sometimes flamboyant.

Both are born of different football cultures (total football vs. catenaccio). These are things that indirectly can be used to read how Guardiola and Conte understand football.
Reverse meeting of Regista

Wait a minute, before going further, what does "recording" mean?

In summary, regista is a typical designation of the role of players in football. The role is identical to that of the director in the world of cinema or theater. The Regista is the determining factor in the direction of the film's history, regulating the shooting schedule, until the determiner wants to go where the vision of a film will be produced.

Regista is a figure who carries a full map of the game on his head, his legs are the easiest path to the goal (read: the opponent's goal), and the balloonless moves are deceptive magic tricks .

Gianni Rivera and Johan Cryuff are the main names to illustrate how a regist trains 10 of his colleagues in a single body on the field. And, thank God, the two met on the same ground on the most prestigious stage in Europe. Final of the 1969 Champions Cup between AC Milan and Ajax Amsterdam.

At the time, Rivera and Cryuff, members of the Registry, held similar positions. Both are behind the main strikers of the team, we know better the term trequastita for the moment. The intermediate mid-range distributor that - originally - is the original habitat of a regista.

The role of Italian registrars such as Rivera was then swallowed up by history, as the style of stronger pressure play began to develop between the late 1980s and the mid-1990s. In fact, facing Cryuff in the Champions Cup final, one can at least understand the embryo of the notion that the registrants have no importance to stand on their own line.

In true Italian, Rivera cared to participate in a battle in its ideal position. He was ready to do it because his opponent was the best Cryuff, regista and fantasist of the history.